Saturday, July 21, 2007

Same Ol' Story

Once again, I find myself devoid of anything to write on my blog... And yet again, it's been since April since my last post. But whatever, it's my blog (and I'm not paying $60 a year for it! haha)

Life is... life. Whatelse is there. It keeps on going, no matter what you want. It keeps on flowing and changing, without regard for your wishes.

My life has been pretty boring, in my own eyes. I guess it probably isn't as boring as I think it is. I went to Ecuador for 3 weeks in June, I've been painting the outside of my house for 2 and a half weeks, I'm without a job, and I'm leaving for a family reunion, and I'm starting school soonish.

Life is going. Not pretty good, not pretty bad, not great, not terrible, not good, not bad, it's just going.

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