Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bored! But Not Totally

I'm sitting at Panera, waiting to start working, and I'm bored. So I clicked through all my links, played all my games, read all my blogs, and found no one to talk to, so I'm writing.

I've had a thought in my head all day, "This is going to be a good semester/This is the kind of stuff I want to be learning"

We started shooting today in 16mm. Just the general "get used to the camera by shooting a 8 second clip each". Everyone had about 8 seconds so we could shoot 1 roll for the class. My prof. is really cool too. He's a younger guy, funny, and he teaches well.

Sitting in Spanish class I had a similar thought. "I'm finally starting to like Spanish class". Which is a good thing. Even still, it feels like no matter what, I'll never have a full or good enough grasp on it, because if I have a teacher who's from Mexico, I'm learning Mexican Spanish; a teacher from Bolivia (currently), Bolivian Spanish. The base language is the same, but so much of it is slang, that no matter what I learn, someone has something to say about the vocabulary or phrases I use. Stupid...

I've got 2 assignments for my 16mm Film class coming up, and they're both exciting. The first: shoot 2 practice rolls, getting used to the camera: it's quirks, settings, and it's abilities. Dani and I will be doing this over the weekend. (It's a partnered project, in an effort to defray the massive cost of film and developing)

The second is all about composition. We have to take a bunch of still photographs (and turn in 15) with composition of shot in mind. I'm excited for this for 2 reasons. 1- Composition is something I feel like I have a lot to learn about an a huge area I would like to improve. 2 - It means I get to use the new digital camera (that is a replacement for the one that was destroyed in the plane crash), which is always fun.

Final Thoughts:
I wish I had a job in the field. Getting to play with all these toys makes me want to do more with them. I wish something would come around and jump at me, instead of me having to wade through all the muck and mire of job searching and the application process. That's always been one thing that keeps me from moving around (job-wise) too much: the whole pre-employment process.

Final, Final Thought:
I also wish that an enormous sum of money would fall (tax free) into my lap. I wish I could just go to school without having to worry about paying rent and bills, as well as juggling time between school and work. But I'm sure that's a common thought. Who wouldn't want a large sum of money to fall from the sky for them?

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