Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fake It ´Til You Make It (Faking =/= Lying)

I´ve come to the realization that I am an amazing faker.

Back story... I´m having a really hard time spiritually right now. It´s just a time filled with doubts and silence. I really just want to be out of this place, and back home. (Soon enough eh?)

So, me and Bax were talking today (we do that quasi-regularly now) and I faked it through my teeth. I said I was doing OK, I said everything was alright, but I was just anxious to get home.

But anyway, I am really anxious to get home, but I am struggling big time with God. I am struggling with the silence I am getting from him, and I am having a lot of doubts...

So yeah, I don´t really know what to do with that...

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