Saturday, May 27, 2006

x-men 3: the last stand

I saw x-men 3: the last stand tonight. yes, i did.

it was pretty good. i enjoyed it thoroughly. the one thing it was lacking was the interaction/action/display of power/general goodness of Phoenix. i was pretty disappointed by her lack of action, and what little action she did have, in her lack of power usage. sure, she telekenisis'ed the hell out of a bunch of rocks, alcatraz, and made people disintigrate, but i was looking for her to bust out into her pyrokinetic phoenix "form" (a la the cartoon) and fly around, burning things (and maybe to hear the classic phoenix screech in the background). she seemd too timid when she wasn't pissed, and too dulled down (from my memory of her) when she was pissed (which equals action).

also, archangel played a much more minor role than i would have liked to see. sad day, but you can't get it all.

over all, it was a great movie, and a good conclusion(?) to the trilogy (so far?) of x-men movies.

must see!

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