Monday, October 9, 2006

From Unemployment to Most Desired In A Matter Of Minutes

So, today I went to apply at Panera Bread in Louisville/Superior because I heard they were hiring from Alicia. So I go in just to get an application, planing on dropping it off tomorrow when I go to the bus stop (it's in the same parking lot as the park-n-ride).
So I go and ask for an app and the girl behind the counter hands it to me and says "If you fill it out here and talk to a manager, she'll hire you on the spot." So what do I do? Fill it out of course! So I fill it out, having to call home to get some phone numbers because I wasn't prepared to fill it out and I go hand it in.
The manager comes out and asks me a few questions like "Are you in school? Where do you go? Etc..." then says, "You want a job?" to which I say "No thanks" ... JUST KIDDING! I say "Heck yes I do!" (I think I actually said "heck yes" but I don't remember). So we talked for a few minutes (under 5) about schedule, what the job is, how desperate they are for people, how they really want me because I'm over 18, they need people for nights (which is about all I can work), and she liked college students and just "liked me" and thought I would do good at Panera, etc... and I start orientation on Thursday! So that's wicked sweet.

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