Monday, October 9, 2006

Moo: Or, Following The Herd On A Cold Day

My first and second classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday are about as close as East is to West. Ok, maybe not, but it's pretty far away. I have 10 minutes between classes, and I rarely make it on time. CU Students, I have to go from the Econ building (on Broadway) to Duane... yeah. But today, a particularly chilly day (39 degrees according to my weather widget), I found myself in my desk even before the teacher.

This lead me to the following hypothesis... People move faster on a cold day. Usually, I'm bobbing and weaving between slowly "mograting" students (mosey + migrate = mograte, thank you Kevin Q) and dodging bike riders. Yet today, I found myself zigging and zagging between fewer students. They were all speed walking (relatively) at a good clip.

In conclusion.. if you're slow, get out of my way.

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