Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome To Denver

Home of the Rockies, and police brutality.

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Cliff Notes Version:
Man runs red light on bike. Undercover, plain-clothes officer yells "You ran a red light!" Man knocks hat off undercover, plain-clothes officer's head. Officer and partner proceed to beat biker, and when biker is on his stomach, being handcuffed, officer then slams biker's face onto sidewalk, breaking biker's teeth.

I've always had a feeling that the majority of Colorado police officers are, to put it bluntly, dicks. I've never had a pleasant encounter with a police officer. Its always felt like they a)have nothing better to do; b)have something to prove; c)want to feel like they are "hardcore" or "hard-assed" or like they are dealing with some super serious crime or something like that.

Get off your high horse. I know your job can be dangerous, and I appreciate the fact that you are out there, for the most part, to keep me safe. You are not judge and jury. You don't get to dole out punishment. That's not your job.

Stop being a dick.

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Nathan Charlan said...

Hands down, it's the bicyclists who think they're ABOVE THE LAW. They are riding a vehicle and therefore, according to CO law have to abide by ALL THE RULES OF THE ROAD. I've seen too many 'high horse' bicyclists think they can do what they want regardless of stop signs, red lights, other cars, right of way, etc. Beating one probably isn't the right reaction, but seriously, if you blow a stop light in your car, get out of your vehicle and hit the hat off of the officer who pulled you over, what the heck do you THINK would happen to you?