Monday, February 18, 2008

then i got bitten by a stingray

i smelled my hand just now, and it smelled like fish, which brought about this random little blurb today:

yesterday i went to the denver aquarium with dani, her dad and brother. dani decided she wanted to feed these stingrays you could touch in a pool at the end. so you get a little dead fish, put it between your knuckles, and let the stingray take it. turns out they've got teeth. and so yesterday, i got bit by a stingray. i've even got a little scab on my knuckle.

how many other people can say they've been bitten by a stingray?


Scot said...

Ouch. I doubt many can say they got bit by a stingray in Denver.

Sarah Mailloux said...

that's stinkin awesome gary!

Nathan Charlan said...

Dude, update your blog!