Sunday, February 26, 2006

Frustration! (and new)

Just in case you’re blind, I’ve got a whole new look to my blog. I’m using a blog editor/manager thing, so now you can post comments, and a bunch more stuff… But, it might take a bit of time for me to get everything up and running, so bear with me!

GET ME OUTTA HERE! I can’t freakin stand it here! Things here on campus are incredibly, ridiculously impossible. I’m fully convinced that Kids College is straight from the Devil. Everyone is so on edge, everyone is on everyone’s asses to get things finished, get things finalized, and I can’t stand it! The leadership team, Margie, and everyone else highly involved are really, really, really starting to piss me off. They’re treating us like we’re little kids. They say over and over again that they’re not trying to be babysitters, and they don’t want to be, but they are! They’re treating us like we’re babies, constantly on us, always telling us what to do, always on our asses to get things done. But here’s the biggest problem they’re facing…they’re trying to motivate people to do something they’re totally apathetic (or even hostile…like me) towards! I don’t give two shats about Kids College, and they want me to be all passionate about it. They finally realized I really didn’t want to be a leader of a group of kids, they realized that they said at the beginning, “We want to put you where you want to be” but they drafted all the males to be small group leaders, against their will. So, they replaced me and put me on photography and video (hallelujia!).
Another thing that’s driving me nuts is the hipocracy in all the teachers. ALL, not one, not two, but all the teachers. One in particular says “I love you” every day (since the first day we got here), but then reveals their true emotions by ignoring students, and generally not caring, like they say they do. Good lord, there’s so much garbage going on at CBC, it’s enraging! I can’t stand it, I want out so badly! (But, I’m not a quitter, especially now (since it’s been all paid for)).

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