Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Make Out?

So, just a little more on my birthday, it rocked. I ended up getting both packages in the mail on Monday night, and that made me happy. Also, Daniela had a bunch of balloons in my room after class, it was cute. Overall, I had a great birthday. The end.

Now for some rambling...
I seem to have found a natural (or unnatural) progression in relationships (ok, in my relationship. When you first start out, you're all lovey dovey. You want to be around that person all the time, you want to be wrapped around (a.k.a. hug, etc...) them as much as possible. You're the typical "disgusting" couple (because you're super lovey dovey). Then you grow up a little bit, your relationship matures, you talk more, you become more and more serrious, and then you enter a time where all you want to do is make out (sorry Mom!) (this may be written from a "guy only" perspective...). Its true. You all know it. That's all you wanna do, and thats all you do. But then, you realize that by only making out, your relationship actually begins to suffer... You've stopped talking, you've grown apart, and you don't really know what's going on with the other person. So, when you realize this, you seek to correct it. You may set stricter limits or new rules, or (in my case) you may propose a challenge to only kiss (not "make out") for a week or so. As this week goes by, you don't really miss "making out" and you don't have a huge desire to do so. Then you may realize that "making out" is so much more intimate that you had previously thought. It is this act, which once was so common, that you now take for what it is, an intimate act, a loving act, a symbol of your love, and not just a fun time. You may then begin to wonder why people begin to make out so quickly in relationships. It makes you wonder how something so intimate, so loving, has been reduced to something so trite and commonplace.
So, here's my piece of advice for the day (week, or how ever long it takes me to update this thing again...), if you're in a relationship, don't take the physicality of it for granted. Don't make out because it's fun, don't make out because you like to do it and you have the opportunity to do it. If you're going to make out, mean it. And if you're not ready to mean it, or if you don't fully understand the implications of it, DON'T DO IT! Trust me, kissing (not making out) is just as fun! Heh. But, then you also have to be careful to not cheapen the value of your kiss.
The end...of this really long ramble...about making out... (Sorry again Mom)

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