Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Beauty In Brutality

There is something beautiful in complete, utter, and brutal honesty. There is a freedom in embarrassment, a liberation in vulnerability. Words cannot do justice the feelings that come after a person shares something that they have never revealed to anyone before, especially if the other person responds, in kind, by doing the same.

I recently shared something like that with Daniela. She responded by doing the same. We both told each other something that neither of us had told another living soul. It just so happens that we shared, very nearly, the same thing. Once we had both told each other everything, I felt a sense of freedom. I was free from this secret, it's power to trip me up, and I had someone I could talk about it with.

I'm gonna cut it short here by saying:

Honesty, in it's truest, most complete form, is more freeing than it is embarassing.

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