Monday, March 6, 2006

Praise God, It's Over...

Well, Kids College is over, we're not being babysat anymore. I'm trying every moment I can to rest and recuperate, but I think it's gonna take a bit of time... I'm so exhausted, and I just want to sleep. But, they canceled classes for us today, which was nice. So we all slept in and lounged around a bit. Daniela and I were going to go to the waterpark we went to for our 2nd retreat, but it was closed. So we wandered around town a bit.

So, the whole weekend, I was taking pictures, and that was fun. I put together a video/slideshow for yesterday (Sunday) and that was pretty stressful.

But, last night we had a ceremonious "Death Of Kids College" bonfire, in which we threw everything left over. That was fun.

Praise God, it's over...

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